PD map meets the community in October’16

Our PD map was one of features of two back-to-back conferences on Parkinson’s disease. Annual meeting of the GEoPD Consortium and the International Parkinson’s Disease Symposium were held in Belval, Luxembourg in the second week of October 2016. During four days we hosted two workshops and talked to many guests. Our mission this time was to gather the impressions of the users when they are working with the PD map, and help them in answering their research questions.

The event started with a PD map workshop for the GEoPD Consortium members. After a walkthrough of the map content and functions we had inspiring and fruitful discussions with the participants on different topics, including displaying clinical data on the map or engaging the community to participate in the curation of the PD map. We also got important feedback on mapping genetic variants to the contents of the map.

During the following days of the conference we presented the PD map during the poster sessions. Our “poster” was a large touch screen, our frequent companion, which allowed us to give a live demo of the map and helped to illustrate the discussions.

On the last day of the event we held another workshop, focused on hands-on training of PD map functionalities and content curation. After an introductory talk we had three parallel sessions on content curation, experimental data upload and development of new disease maps.

As during previous encounters of the PD map with the community, we got a lot of useful feedback. This time our focus was the user rather than the content. Thanks to the great dialog with the members of the GEoPD Consortium and the audience of the PD Symposium we will be able to keep the PD map on the user-friendly course.


Marek Ostaszewski



Organization of this event was supported by the generous donation from

L'Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

We are extremely grateful for your help! Thank you!

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